My Games

I'm a hobbyist game developer who has used a combination my artistic & technical abilites to create small, cozy pockets of fantasy. I love simple mechanics that tell stories through play structure. All of my games are hosted on and can be played for free.


My Bitsy games lean heavily on the explorative side, providing surprising worlds to inhabit and quirky characters to interact with. Some are more linear and introspective, like Space Bubble Cat, while some pull out all the stops in regards to puzzle design, like Randy G.'s Wild n' Wacky Beach Adventure.

Space Bubble Cat has been exhibited at several places, including:

My game Pink Mansion was also exhibited at Pixels x Paper.

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My Twine games take everything I love about text adventures & choose-your-own-adventure novels, and mix it with my passion for writing interesting character dialogue & crafting unique puzzles. Do you like to get lost in small, contained worlds, navigating by your own hand-drawn maps and notes? Then my Twine works are for you!

Many twines draw from personal experiences with added exciting twists, such as Cherry: A High School Misadventure and The House on the Hill. Some touch on the theme of technology's place among humanity, through the use of sentient radios, as in Airwaves and Don't Touch That Dial!

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