"Their games made me want to do Bitsy." ~ Nina | "Candle is a wonderful person because of all they do for both the Bitsy community and the cool underground indie scene in general, plus they're just really nice to be around!" ~ Hazel | "One time they posted a selfie on Twitter and they were wearing nice shorts." ~ Lenny | "Candle's bitsy art is crafted by gods, by which I mean candle themselves." ~ Jango | "Candle does not have an F1 key on their keyboard; the computer asks them for help." ~ Ducky | "Candle is dorgle." ~ Em L. | "The bestest candle there ever candle-was." ~ onion | "I'm a fan because of their appreciation for chocotorta and their bitsy work." ~ Rumpel | "Candle held a wake for Grimes that one time." ~ SG | "I hope Candle's wick never gets too low... D:" ~ Jango | "Candle has an excellent knowledge of various B-grade memes, and put me up on their sofa for two months, both of which are A+ praxis." ~ Freya | "Candle has seriously amazing hair, this isn't even the lead-up to a joke or anything, I am super jealous." ~ Ducky | "Their tweets always make me smile." ~ Nina | "Playing through the castle series taught me a lot about how bitsy can use environmental storytelling." ~ Emery | "Candle is cool because they make such good texture tiles for bitsy it blows my mind. They finished my game that I was too lazy to make look good. Without Candle you have nothing." ~ Em R. | "Candle is cool because they make pretty, surreal, and pretty surreal art and they do so much for the communities they’re part of! I’m a fan!" ~ Josie | "Candle's knowledge of Scooter is unparalleled and their taste in music is impeccable." ~ Brandon | "Marked Wonnacott" ~ Freya

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