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This is a fan page dedicated to the one and only Mark Wonnacott, a.k.a. RAGZOUKEN a.k.a. CANDLE! They are great and it's about time they got a fan club!!!

~ Reasons why Candle is cool ~
🕯 They created Flicksy, a kool tool for making small games!!
🕯 They make awesome Bitsy games, like their Castles Series:

🕯 They made Zone, a cool online hangout place for those who love to jam.
🕯 They made the Bitsy Boutique, which brings Bitsy games to exhibitions around the world!!
🕯 They made World of Bitsy, a cool visualizer that uses all sorts of Bitsy tiles!!
🕯 Their meme game is very strong.

Candle's website | Candle's itchio page | Candle's twitter

President of the Candle Fan Club: Emma Daues

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